Examples of appropriate men's attire for our wedding! 

Examples of appropriate men's attire for our wedding! 

Dress code

We encourage our guests to adhere to a "black tie" dress code on Saturday which, in Scotland, traditionally, for those who identify as men and boys, can mean a tuxedo or a kilt! 

Should you be interested in renting a kilt so as to take part in the "full" Scottish experience, please contact Kirk Wynd Highland House Ltd in St Andrews.  The shop will provide a full weekend (pick up as early as Thursday, return as late as Monday) kilt rental including kilt, jacket, sporran, flashes, shoes, socks, tie or rouche, skean dhu all for £65 (student discount price at £55 and kids at £45).  Note that you will need to bring (or purchase) your own shirt - it should be a white dress shirt (ideally a wing collared shirt). 

You can email Kirk Wynd at standrews@kiltshopscotland.com or call at +441334 475849.  They will need your measurements (in inches): height, chest, waist, hips, top of bone at waist to top of knee cap, arm length, and shoe size (if you're getting in touch from the States, make sure you specify that yours is an American shoe size and they'll convert for you). 

(Women can wear whatever they'd like, including kilts.)